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Situated about six miles north of Perth and about fifty miles north of Edinburgh, the Upper Scone Salmon Fishings rank amongst the finest and best known on the Tay, having produced an average of 183 salmon over the past ten years. They comprise approximately two miles of single bank fishing, divided into upper and lower beats, the Pitlochrie and Benchil beats respectively. There is good fly fishing water, with harling and spinning in seasonal high water conditions. There are thirteen named pools on Pitlochrie, ten on Benchil. Through a permanent agreement with the proprietors of the opposite bank fishings, the beats are fished on alternate days, with a limit of six rods per beat.

In former years Upper Scone was famous as one of the best spring fishing beats on the Tay, including as it does the legendary Pitlochrie Pool. In 1978 the Spring catch was 419. Although, as with every river, today’s Spring catches are very much more modest there are encouraging signs that the many measures introduced by the Tay Fishery Board will produce the increase in Spring catches enjoyed by other East Coast rivers. We have generally had a fish every other year.



The fishing season opens on 15th January and closes on 15th October. In 2012 Week 2 starts on Monday 30th January.

There are excellent fishing huts on both beats.


Two gillies are employed full time. Both are very experienced and make a significant contribution to the enjoyment and of the fishing.

There is excellent vehicles access and parking.

There is good local hotel and cottage accommodation.

Price £750 per rod. The fishings can be viewed by appointment.
There are no legal charges with the sale.


John Tuckwell
Walnut Tree Cottage
Hoe, Dereham,
NR20 4BE

Tel: 01362 869134